Area 51 Paintball Rulz

  • The boundary is marked with netting and Blue flags. You are out if you go out of the boundary line.
  • Masks must be worn in chronograph area and field area at all times.
  • Gun hits do not count.
  • Barrel plugs must be in until games start, and must be in before walking off of the field.
  • Chrono your marker below 290 fps.
  • Spray larger than a quarter is considered a hit.
  • Four breaks on a player from a single opponent will render both the players out. It is the hit player's
    responsibility to request the use of this rule. If the player calls "out" late, this rule is not applied.
  • You should offer a surrender if you are close to another player or aim for a comfortable shot, exe. the foot or
    pack etc.. If you are asked to surrender you have the right to refuse but will be treated as a charging player.
  • When charging a target and you are marked stop shooting you are out! Shots to a target do not count if the
    attacker is marked while charging.
  • Charging players give up the right to the four shot rule.
  • All ties will go to the bunkered player or player offering a surrender.
  • Play with honor, you know when you are out. Referees have the final say and all decisions are final. Remember
    this is only a game.
  • Putting your gun in or over any bunker equals a mandatory surrender for all players in that bunker.
  • Blind shooting is forbidden, you must see where you are shooting.
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    This page last modified February 5, 2003