Newbie Information

Area 51 welcomes you new players and you advanced players trying to gain an edge from reading this.

As a newbee you must pay attention to safety precautions. I understand that wearing goggles and keeping your plugs in is not a normal, but you must adapt! Paintball is a team sport and you will have teammates! If you ever feel that teams are not fare tell a ref and they will immediately adjust teams to fairness!

1. You must keep your goggles on when you are on the playing field or in the *chrono area at all times! *Chronograph: a radar gun that checks the speed of your paintballs. Forgetting to keep your goggles on will cost you 50 paintballs for your first and second offense and you will not be allowed to play for the rest of the day if it happens a third time.
*Tip: If you are wearing layers, be sure that the button up collar is tight at the neck because your sweat will fog your goggles. Also, Do Not wear your goggles on your head after a game, the heat form your head will fog them up. Fogging mainly happens when the air is moist and cooler than 65 F. The best way to combat fogging is “Combat vision”, this is an insert will cure all your fogging problems!

2. You need a barrel plug! This ball stopper when placed in your barrel will hopefully prevent accidental discharges. Our refs. are friendly but, they are easily excited when you forget barrel plug and mask rules, after all, you are endangering other players! Players are to keep barrel plugs in until the ref instructs you to remove them This is before all games too!
*Tip: Be sure to insert your barrel plug before screwing your barrel back on to your gun.

3. At Area 51, The chronograph is set to alarm at 290 fps. You are responsible to keep your gun shooting below this! We provide the wrenches to adjust all guns and will be glad to help! All you have to do is ask!
*Tip: If you are tightening a screw that is compressing the hammer spring, you are increasing the velocity. If you tightening a screw that constricts airflow, you are decreasing the velocity.

4. Ask Questions!! Feel free to ask any of our refs about your gun, or anything! There are no dumb questions! Our Refs are addicted to paintball and can almost always find a correct answer for your questions
*Tip: The people that play at Area 51 are friendly and they know things that are helpful too!

5. Paintballs do sting a little when they hit bare skin. I recommend that you wear a long sleeved shirt and pants (not shorts). Layers are good, but if you have too many the paintballs will bounce. If this is apparent, a ref. will tell you that bounces will count when you are tagged. This means that if you want to wear a guile suit you can, but bounces will count.

6. Wear dark clothes, bright clothes will make hiding more difficult! Some people like to be brightly colored and it is just their purgative, I don’t recommend it unless you want to look like Brad and I.

7. You will need good shoes! In our second year of operation we had one injury. It was an ankle injury. The guy was not wearing high-tops and twisted his ankle when he was avoiding flying paint.
*Tip: Football cleats are a great idea!

8. Always play with honor! This field was created for the love of the game. We take pride in it and WILL NOT TOLERATE CHEATERS! If you get tagged and find proof that the ball broke, please call out, place your barrel plug, and walk off the field.
*Tip: Getting off of the field can be difficult when another player doesn’t know you are out, you need to be loud!! Very LOUD! It is also a good idea to yell “DEAD MAN WALKING!” holding your gun up high, to prevent others from shooting you when you are walking off the field.

9. Never commit Slander! Never accuse a fellow player of cheating! You can hurt feelings, and kill the fun for the day! Cheating is not tolerated and is best dealt with by the refs. If you have noticed someone cheating, please tell the ref. and let him or her handle it!
*Tip: You can tell a ref to check a person that you think you have hit and this is not rude or uncommon. “CHECK HIM REF!” or “CHECK IT!”

10. Keep your head up! If you are not looking around, you are less aware of where other players are. You will make it easy for players to advance on you and eliminate you! In addition, if you do keep your head up, balls hurt less! Think about it! You hardly feel the ball hitting your goggles, and the enemy can’t sneak up on you, so they can’t shoot you from as close!

11. Watch your flanks! Be aware that there are more than one player on a team, they work together. Usually, a team will send a small squad up a side and try to come at you sideways. You need to look to your sides often or set up a defense to prevent this!

12. Don't stay in the same spot too long. If you are in a bunker don't keep shooting from the same spot, this is not productive. Move around, keep them guessing where you are going to pop up. You do not need to be behind a bunker to be safe! You can use your flying paint as cover. If you can keep their head down, they cannot shoot you. This will enable you to walk out unprotected and keep them down. Don't play spot!
*Tip: If you want to be a sniper you have to plan on having an exit. After you expose your self, “by shooting”, you are an easy target!
**Tip: If you come up on someone playing spot, you can strafe and shoot to take them out. “A 13 year old did this to me at Hell Survivors and kicked my butt, I have used it effectively since.”

13. Pick your angles! If you shoot right handed come around the R side of a tree or bunker when possible. You can switch hands to give you an advantage.
*Tip: Keep track of your hits, if you have done a successful job of picking my angles, your only hits will be on your gun, goggles, and on the shoulder supporting your gun.
**Tip: If the enemy is in a two-dimensional bunker they are easy picking from the side, do not waist time with a frontal assault.

14. Never give up! Whether you run out of air, paint, the gun is jammed ... don't ever quit, you are still useful. No one has to know that you can’t shoot them. I always think to my self “I may be out gunned, but I am going to get at lest one more!”

15. Never call yourself out if you are unsure! This happens a lot! Don't just call yourself out because you think you felt a hit. If you can’t tell if the paint broke, call for a “paintcheck” The referee will check you and call you a “live player” or “out”.
*Tip: Remember that if you call yourself out, tagged or not, “You are out!!”

16. Paintball is addictive! Area 51 Paintball does not maintain any responsibility for the withdrawal symptoms suffered by paintballers in the winter months!

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