The games of Area 51 Paintball

We play most of the games, and then we spin the wheel.

1. Dude Ranch

The Dude Ranch is an attack and defend scenario. The Defenders are confined to the island called the Dude ranch. It is separated from the mainland by several deep trenches. The main defense is a two-story tower, and some conveniently placed bunkers. Defenders are allowed in the trench, and in the fort under the bridge. The attackers’ objective is to throw the cone on the bridge inside the bottom of the dude ranch. The attackers can enter the island however they want. When the Defenders prevent the attackers from moving the cone inside the dude ranch for the pre-determined time, the defenders are victorious.

2. Ok Coral

OK Corral! Shuww whizzo whizzo! This is a showdown in the village. The game usually lasts about 5 min, so be ready when you hear the horn! The village is set up as a large speedball course. Players are allowed outside of the village wall, but if you go to far you are not protecting the cone! The objective is to steal the cone in the center of the village and get it outside the village limits!
* If the game lasts over 10 min. it is changed into “Marko Polo”

3. Slide check

This game is similar to Ok Coral except; the objective is to slide out the other teams gate. You do not have to eliminate all of the other team.

4. Marko Polo

This game can be played anywhere! When the ref yells “Marko!” all live players must answer. The answer can be as creative as you want it to be as long as it gives your position away! Players are encouraged to yell and cheerfully taunt other players! This game is best played when there are limited players. If someone yells “Marko!” during any game, feel free to answer them back with your own answer, it makes things more interesting!

5. Fort Pinky

Steal cone at the foot of the bridge and throw it inside Fort Pinky. Defenders start inside the fort and attackers start near the Thompson barn. This game will usually lasts 10 to 15 min.

6. Presidents

A president is picked and a ratio of 1 to 3 is appointed to the Presidents team. The president has 1min to hide and 10 min. to outrun the assassins.

7. Deer

This game is similar to Presidents except the president gets to carry a giant deer shield! The bodyguard ratio is 1 to 5 and the deer has to live for 1 or 2 min. depending on the players. After each game, the tally of Deer to Hunter victories is tallied on the inside of the shield.

8. King of orgs

The king of Orgs is a game that combines “Presidents” and “Fort Pinky”. The major difference in this game is that the defenders are protecting a king, Decorated with ribbons, instead of the cone. It is not easy being king, because you are stuck with in the confines of the Fort! At least you can hide in the trenches! Nice knowing you Org king!

9. Football / Soccer

One Team starts in the North Flag station and the other Starts in the South Flag station. The teams have 10 min to steal the an object in the middle of the field and get it in to the other teams bunker. If the game is soccer the players have to kick the ball and hit the cone of the other team.

10. Foot ball with a Medic

Same Idea as football, except each team has a medic. The medic can regenerate by going back to his original fort. The medic cannot heal people within15 feet from the home bunker, and is “out” if painted within 15 feet of his home bunker. Players that have been tagged cannot move, but can talk and give away positions of other players while calling “medic”. If players are hit inside of their bunker, they can move to the 15 feet perimeter to get healed. If the medic is eliminated all tagged players are out.

11. Capture the flag

The objective is to capture the flag at the “North” or the “South fort” and bring it back to your original fort. Each Bunker has a tall cone with a flag stuffed in the top. The game usually lasts 10 min.

12. Cold war

This game requires the same format as capture the flag except that a player from each team is considered president and is the only player that can retrieve the other teams flag. The president is decorated with ribbon and easy to spot. If the President is tagged while retrieving the flag, the president’s team looses.

13. Pillage the village

This is a tough game for the attackers. If you like a challenge this Buds for you. The defenders are confined to the village limits. The attackers have 15 min to steal the cone from the base of the tower, and get it out of the village limits. Good luck!

14. Take the tower

This game is a lot of Fun! If you have any extra pods, you will need them for this game! The Tippmann Tower stands an imposing 35 feet over Area 51. Your goal is to steal the cone at the base of it and take it out of the village limits!

15. Frozen tag

This is a game that allows regeneration like crazy. The game can be adapted to any scenario. In this variation when painted players must be “Two hand tagged” by a person on their team to get back in the game. If a frozen player is “Two hand tagged” by the opposite team they are out!

16. K mart

This game requires Mr. Kmart, a couple snipers and a huge group of bodyguards. 5-1 odds in favor of Mister K! The goal is for Kmart to raise the flags at the Spool fort and at Fort pinky first before raising the flag at the Dude Ranch. Good luck you have 20min!

17. Spool fort.

This fort is located in the corner of the field. The goal is to steal the flag from the fort and hang it in the North flag station. Both teams have the full field to play this scenario and only 15min. to complete it.

18. Moonshine Shack

The Hill Billie’s Start in their moonshine shack! The FBI starts in the Thompson barn or at the Sand rail. The goal is for the FBI to infiltrate the shack and honk the horn inside it! Time limit 15 min!

19. Beer Run

This Game requires a good strategy! The cops are in the dude ranch and represent 50% of all players. The Beer Runners can start in the village and the Moonshine Shack. The runners can put as many players on either side as they want. The goal of the runners is to take a cone from inside the village to inside the moonshine shack with out loosing the cone! If the cone is stolen the cops win! If the Time limit of 15 min. is elapsed the cops win. Good luck on the beer run!

20. Round Robin Speedball

This is a game of stats. All players’ play speedball and we keep track of the stats. The stats work like hockey stats. If you are on the ice when a goal is scored you get credit. We will make up the combinations and after all players have played the person that was involved in the most wins will receive a free lunch!

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